Access Major Ad Exchanges

Use our bidder and intuitive dashboard to directly access mobile programmatic inventory on the largest mobile ad exchanges.

Target More Granularly

Downstream offers a robust set of targeting options beyond what you’ll find through other leading ad networks and DSP’s. From daypart to DMA, we give you the option to find the customers you are looking for.

Leverage Your Data

Import your first party data to build custom targeting audiences. We know that your data is your greatest asset and go to great lengths to keep it siloed and secure.

Set Your Campaigns on Autopilot

Use Downstream’s proprietary auto-optimization software to set your own rules, then let our dynamic bidding algorithm kick into gear. Or choose to set the bid yourself.

Get Creative

From video to HTML5, upload your creative in a flash. Or use our AI-driven creative builder to spin up new iterations to split test.

Get Started Today

Getting started with Downstream is quick and easy. Once we review and approve your application, you will receive dashboard access and instructions to launch your first campaign!

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